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Colombian Grace Easter Brunch

Published by Miss Prissy on April 19th, 2012 - in Restaurant Reviews
So here I am reviewing another place about which I’ve previously blogged.  It’s fine, I promise I have more places in the “Prissy pipeline” that are different. 


Once again this past Easter, we went back and forth like we did last year regarding where we would enjoy the holiday.  For the record, next year we already know we are staying home 🙂


Anyway, we abhor the whole “bring your family and line up at the trough” buffets and figured the big long line would be at Blue Heaven, leaving Colombian Grace to the “non-huddled masses”.  It totally worked for us.  It never fails that each time we go, the patrons are a melting pot of cultures (which we love).

Lunch at Grunts Bar & Grill

Published by Miss Prissy on March 28th, 2012 - in Restaurant Reviews
So this past Sunday, The Handsome Captain™ went “practice-fishing” in preparation for the upcoming World Sailfish Tournament.  Left to my own devices, Helen of Grand Vin suggested I engage in “practice tasting”. It just so happened that Stephanie from Noble Wine Estates was hosting a tasting where bottles ranged in price from $40-$200 each…at 11am.

Dinner at Banana Café

Published by Miss Prissy on March 25th, 2012 - in Restaurant Reviews
Not to be confused with last year’s lunch review 🙂  The Handsome Captain™ and I decided on Friday night that we had not been to Banana Cafe in a while so after a glass of wine at Vino’s, we would walk over.   General Manager Extraordinaire Daniel offered us a table upstairs and since we’ve never dined there, gladly accepted.

We were so happy with that choice.

Kojin Noodle Bar

Published by Miss Prissy on January 8th, 2012 - in Restaurant Reviews

Another day, another soft opening.  There are definitely worse things I can do with my time than go to two new restaurants within the same week.  Of course, there is one better thing I could be doing, which is getting back to the gym.  Eh, there’s always time for that.  Anyway, the newest place is in the old Four Buoys Wings & Weiners locale at 502 Southard Street.  However, you won’t find hot dogs here.  Ohhhhhhhh no.  Key West finally has a noodle bar and the locals are très excited.


Published by Miss Prissy on December 5th, 2011 - in Restaurant Reviews

Sarabeth’s, located at Simonton & Southard, is one chain for which I’ll give a dispensation to my “no chains unless it’s a party in somebody else’s honor” rule.  Of course it also helps that the other nine places are in the New York City/Long Island area.


Oh, and that there is a real Sarabeth, though I do not know if she ever comes to Bone Island.


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