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Published by Miss Prissy on February 4th, 2015 - in Out & About


So I can’t speak for any of you, but I know when I think of my ultimate consumer fantasy,  it involves only a few things: food, wine, and items  that make entertaining easy and fun.  Add cooking classes and wine sipping whilst shopping to the mix and only name comes to mind: Isle Cook.

Isle Cook is the innovative, new space that is sure to be a locals’ haunt as well as a tourists’ gem.  The dynamic couple  bringing this concept to our backyards are our good friends Eden & Bill Brown, who relocated from Washington, DC over two years ago.  And we’re all so happy they did.

Seriously, this is Prissy’s Holy Grail!   Oh, the places we’ll be able to fly with all the frequent flyer miles I’m going to accrue.


So enough about my AmEx <ahem>.   Our friends have all been awaiting the birth of this beautiful baby from the time we first heard the news last year.   How did this idea materialize, anyway?  From Eden:

“We were on the mainland last winter in a similar type of store and (we) literally had the idea at the same moment.  Then we started to do our homework and it felt like a really fun fit for our amazing island.”

Indeed, it will be  🙂    So  one day while sipping wine, Eden showed me some inventory images.  I remember some tiny gasps, some jaw drops, and lots of smiles.  Eden called it her “Prissy Seal of Approval”.  I called it Nirvana.


So a little less talk and a lot more action, right?

IC-25OKIsle Cook is in the twilight of it’s “work in process” status (note the cardboard boxes, which are likely gone by now).  The lighting is insanely fabulous and even my Nikon doesn’t do it justice.


IC-16Okay, how can you not love a giant whisk?  By the way, the glassware is Mepra polycarbonite and made in Italy.  It’s tough, beautiful, and you will love it.


IC-30OKPrissy really likes glassware–and color!


IC-13OKAnd corks!!!!


If I’m forced to say one bad thing about Isle Cook (as in arm-twisting forced), I’d have to say “they don’t carry shoes”.  But wait! They do! Kinda…

IC-12OKShe ordered these with me in mind 🙂  And these babies work!  Why would anyone want to futz with a ring around the stem when you can just adhere these magnets anywhere on your glass?


IC-27OKSo, along with the gorgeous yet functional merchandise….check out the rooster in the back.  His name is Waylon.  From Eden:

“The idea of Waylon came to me at 2am.  I emailed the incredibly talented Marky Pierson, who designed our logo and has helped us with our overall design, and said, ‘I want a rooster in a chef’s hat!’  By that afternoon we had the first draft.  And ‘Waylon’ just appeared when we saw him!”


And then there’s the chocolate..  I fell in love with Tcho on our 2013 trip to San Francisco.

IC-9OK In fact, Bill & Eden gave this to us as a gift for our 2013 Christmas party.  We were supposed to invite everybody up and hold the tasting, except–I was kinda hormonal one night and ate every single piece of chocolate while binge-watching “Breaking Bad”.  True story 🙁


Calling all foodies!  Check out these two items!

IC-8OK IC-7OKIf you love all things food, wine, and entertaining–you will LOVE these products!

IC-10OKJust a few items Isle Cook has for your cocktail needs!



Lovely, lovely! IC-28OKSome of the china is Gien (French) and some is Maxwell-Williams (UK).  It’s all gorgeous!


IC-31OKSo look at that floor!  It’s “sand and sea”, made of  stained concrete.  Again, this image doesn’t do it justice….so you need to see for yourself.


And then there’s this….

IC-29OKSleek, comfortable, roomy seating for sipping wine and partaking in cooking classes.  Yes indeed, Isle Cook offers cooking classes with some of the best chefs in The Keys.

This is what it looked like the day before.

IC-21OKNotice the outlets under the bar for all our devices, in addition to purse hooks.  They’ve thought of everything, I tell you.



IC-5OKVoilà our fabulous friends, Bill & Eden Brown–Owners Extraordinaire!  Also stunning is the cooktop in front of them.

And of course I LOVE LOVE LOVE the backsplash!

IC-2OKAnd the quartz countertop.


Isle Cook carries quality merchandise from around the world.  They are sourcing from American and small, independent countries as often as possible.  The thought process they employ is “every item has a story”.

IC-1OK“Fresh Paper” was invented by a 13-year-old girl after visiting family in India and being exposed to certain herbs and spices .  She brought the ideas home and put them into action.  From The Daily Beast:

a five-inch square sheet infused with edible ingredients can be dropped into a crisper bin, fruit bowl, or anywhere you store produce (no wrapping necessary) to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth as well as the enzymes that cause over-ripening. The result, a way to keep produce fresh for up to four times longer than has so far been possible.”

Now that’s a story 🙂


And when you’re ready to pay for it all….

IC-40One of the owners will be more than happy to assist.  As Betty and Wilma used to say “CHARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGE ITTTTTTTTTT”


So a few more specs on Isle Cook:

The soft opening is this Friday, February 6 at 10am.  Enjoy a glass of wine and pick up some unique merchandise.  Say hello to The Handsome Captain™ if you see him.  I’ll be working 🙁

Isle Cook is on 218 Whitehead Street, open Monday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm.

Go to their website here and their Facebook page here!

If there’s something you want and you don’t see it–ask them!  They can likely get it!

Have the most amazing time and tell ’em Prissy sent you 🙂

To our amazing friends Bill & Eden: We wish you the very best in this new chapter of your life. Isle Cook is as unique and stylish as the two of you. We cannot wait to hang with you there. Salut!

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