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Published by Miss Prissy on October 13th, 2014 - in Out & About
opus3 A couple years ago, our friends Val & Clayton of Vino’s On Duval made up VIP cards. “Buy 10 bottles of wine and get 1 free, up to a $35 value”.
10 bottles of wine?  How the hell long does that take?  Hahaha, have you met us?  Week in and week out, our friends were turning in these cards on a pretty regular basis.  (Believe it or not, it doesn’t actually take our crowd very long to complete a card.)
But not us.  Far be it for us to be normal.  Now make no mistake, we had NO problem completing the cards–we just weren’t turning them in for our free bottles.

Certainly not because we were wealthy and poo poo’d free wine.  Noooooooo.  We didn’t turn them in because we were waiting for that extra special bottle that $35 wasn’t going to buy.  But did we have the wherewithal to wait?  I don’t know, patience hasn’t exactly been one of my virtues.  However, The Handsome Captain™ and I decided against instant gratification and waited it out.  We had never tasted Opus One and were willing to wait as long as it took.


Opus8Delayed gratification, ya think???? Count ’em, 7 cards that took two years to collect.  Of course this doesn’t count the times we drank wine by the glass, shared a bottle somebody else bought, drank wine at our other favorite wine bar, or popped a bottle at home.  Yes, we enjoy wine.


Opus2So all those dates, all those initials of winetenders past and present, and those memories of bottles past had all come home to roost.


So after a lovely day with friends on the water, we rinsed the sand off and headed downtown.opus1Tim gave us the eye as in “You’re finally here for your Opus after all this time”.  Yes, indeed.  The Opus 2009. (Check out the digital frame over Tim’s shoulder–our fearless leaders, Clayton and Val).

Opus5While the Opus was decanting, I needed some water to start this massive undertaking.

OpusWith a swirl and a sniff (wonderful nose!), Greg was off to the races.  This Bordeaux blend from Napa Valley is 81% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Cabernet Franc, 6% Petit Verdot, 3% Merlot and 1% Malbec.


Opus4Friends Rockin’ Robin, Kellee, and Michael joining us for a taste.

Opus6And Tim joined us for a taste, too 🙂


While the mouthfeel was dense and the finish, silky–I actually thought I’d enjoy it more.  This is not sour grapes (no pun intended) by any means.  I don’t AT ALL regret waiting two + years to try Opus.  Greg and I consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have tasted many wines and to have learned so much from the owners and staff at Vino’s, Grand Vin, Lush (and the many wine reps).  The experiences were an unparalleled privilege and made our trips to Napa and Sonoma that much more beneficial.


For any wine-loving local or snowbird, I implore you to pick up a Vino’s VIP card.  Obviously not everybody’s going to delay gratification for wine in the $200 price ranges–but you know what?  $35 is $35 and truthfully, it doesn’t take as long as you’d think to drink 10 bottles of wine.  Don’t believe me?  Opus10

Just ask Tim 🙂

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