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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (NOT): Please Don’t Be A Douche During Fantasy Fest

Published by Miss Prissy on October 18th, 2014 - in Out & About
Indeed it is that time of year when some of the locals excitedly dig through their Rubbermaid boxes of costumes (yes, we have THAT MANY).  Sometimes we donate the old ones or swap them between our friends.  Others stay away from the zone altogether while some just lock up their houses and go anywhere else.Tourists have a variety of opinions, too.  Some cannot wait while others take the “OH HELL NO” approach.


Yes, I’m talking about Fantasy Fest or rather, as many of us call it, “Naked Fest” and “GrossFest”.  I’m not going to lie, I myself visited Key West during Fantasy Fest as a tourist.  I can proudly say, I did not act like a douche.  Really, it isn’t that difficult.


(This image was captured on Upper Duval, Fantasy Fest Parade Night 2011)



Vino’s On Duval:Be Their VIP

Published by Miss Prissy on October 13th, 2014 - in Out & About
opus3 A couple years ago, our friends Val & Clayton of Vino’s On Duval made up VIP cards. “Buy 10 bottles of wine and get 1 free, up to a $35 value”.
10 bottles of wine?  How the hell long does that take?  Hahaha, have you met us?  Week in and week out, our friends were turning in these cards on a pretty regular basis.  (Believe it or not, it doesn’t actually take our crowd very long to complete a card.)
But not us.  Far be it for us to be normal.  Now make no mistake, we had NO problem completing the cards–we just weren’t turning them in for our free bottles.

If You Get Caught Between the (Half) Moon and New York City

Published by Miss Prissy on October 2nd, 2014 - in Prissy's Privilege
So I tend to get bored on flights.  I’m not that person who can sleep anywhere, no matter how tired.  Usually I get GoGo so I can read mindless stuff online. Not this time! 
Our friend Rockin’ Robin recommended two books: “Judgment of Paris” (George M. Taber) and “Wine & War:The French, the Nazis and the Battle for France’s Greatest Treasure” (Donald Kladstrup and Petie Kladstrup).
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