From the 51 to the 4: Life’s Still A Cabaret!

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HB18 So yeah, June is always a great month.  It’s my good friend Judie’s birthday, mine, and my Key West anniversary month.  Admittedly, I’m like a kid when it comes to my birthday.
What’s more, I don’t give a damn who knows how old I am.  Officially “over 50”, as pointed out to me by a co-worker, we shared some tee hees and ha has.  When it comes down to it, what difference does it make?  Sure I’m old enough to be somebody’s grandmother, but you know what?  I’m not!  Trust me, my girlfriends and I aren’t in any knitting circles nor do we cruise the racks for Alfred Dunner.  Age isn’t what it used to be, especially so in The Keys.  I will say though, I can bake a mean chocolate chip cookie 🙂
Because there was a pretty important tournament for Kingbird Charters, The Handsome Captain™ wasn’t going to be with me on my birthday afternoon.  Knowing this, he planned.  Did he ever!  Not only did he plan, he planned with my girlfriends.  It wasn’t a complete surprise, nor was it meant as such.  But I didn’t know everything about it, either.

(Photo credit to Valerie Chelley of Vino’s On Duval)

The plan was a scavenger hunt, but not one “for hire”.  Greg decided upon the places and the clues–clues provided to only one person.  One with such organization that accountants weep.  That person was our friend Eden, who would be Ringleader Extraordinaire.  Her job was to visit the establishments, tell them of the plans, and drop off my birthday presents for safe keeping.  She would provide the clues for us to guess the destination, and when we appeared, I would receive a gift and we would all have drinks.  Eden also had to keep us on a time schedule.  In other words, she was in charge of herding cats us.

HBMy girls–not all of them, though.  We met up at Vino’s where our friend Kellee was working that Sunday.  Unfortunately, that meant Kellee couldn’t take part in the scavenger hunt and Kimberley was out of town.  🙁     We would see Kellee later when Greg and the other boys arrived.


Apparently it was time for gifts, so Eden handed me my first.HB1We have a garden tub and Derek The Duck sits handsomely with his girlfriend, Pinky Duck.


Then we received the clues.

hb21 hb22So clue #1, we guessed “Smokin’ Tuna”, which wasn’t it.  Then we thought, “If it isn’t Charlie Tuna, who else would it be? Charlie Waite (local businessman)? Charlie Crist, former governor?”  So then we needed clue #2, to which me and somebody else guessed “Blackfin Bistro”!  We didn’t need the next two clues, but they were fun anyway 🙂


So off to Blackfin Bistro we went for mimosas.

HB2My lovely friends Jen, Robin, Judie, Donna, moving on past me to Susan, Val, and Eden.  You could say we took over the bar and the tourists having lunch didn’t quite know what to make of us.  Mimosa-induced laughter, clues, and good-natured ribbing with Michael C. made for a delightful time at Blackfin.  Thanks for capturing this image, Michael.  It’s my favorite.  🙂


It was time for a clue to the next location.hb33hb23So clue #1 got read and Val knew it immediately but wasn’t sure she should say.  Well we definitely wanted her to reveal the answer since that meant I received another gift! 🙂   So the first clue was the only one we needed.  The next stop was….The Rum Bar (not to be confused with that other touristy rum place).


But first…where’s my next gift? HB40I LOVE my NY Yankees iPad holder!  Funny story about this.  When adorable Michael C. handed me the gift, it was wrapped in Conch Color and not taped.  This was NOT the Modus Operandi of Captain Greg.  My husband uses nice paper, is a liberal taper, and has never brought a Conch Color home 🙂   I kept this to myself, though.  Mind you, Ringleader Extraordinaire Eden knew exactly how she dropped it off.  Michael had to fess up that when one of his employees brought it back, he thought it was a gift….for HIM!  And tore into it accordingly.  He loves the Yankees, after all–he just doesn’t own an iPad.  Then he put 2 and 2 together and remembered that Eden would be dropping it off.   Oooops!!!!


It was on to Rum Bar and Bahama Bob!HB3Dark & Stormys for almost everyone, please!  They serve up some BIG drinks at Rum Bar!


It was time for the next clue!

hb32hb24I actually guessed it on clue #1, because I knew Grand Vin was the old Mosquito Coast.  Had I not guessed, most of the girls and I would’ve guessed it on clue #2.  There is a sign on the porch of Grand Vin that says  “Póg Mo Thóin”, so years ago I asked our friends Paul & Sinead (orig from Ireland) what it said.  He replied “Kiss my ass”, to which I said “No, but what does it mean?”  Yes, I’ve got your Lucy Ricardo right here 🙂


So yes, I was eligible for another gift.  And considering it looked like a wrapped sex toy, a gentleman at the bar preferred I not unwrap near him.

HB41Gee, I was starting to notice a pattern.  See, much ado about nothing!  It wasn’t phallic, the guy at the bar had a good laugh, and we were allowed to hang with them.  We decided to tawk amongst awselves–it was for the best.


So Ringleader Eden called “Time” and we were on our way.HB6 But not before some nice tourists offered to take another gratuitous girl shot before we popped over to Grand Vin.


A few stumbles steps later and there we were .VinSign



Final set of clues…hb31hb25Again, we were smart ladies so we guessed right away.  Let me explain clue #1.  The Handsome Captain™ thought it would be très amusant to put a bottle of Sutter Home among Clayton & Val’s prized wines at Vino’s On Duval.  In fact, Clayton built a special cabinet to display them.  We had a few winetenders in on the joke.  The Sutter Home stuck out like a hooker in church….and then it got spotted.  And then it stayed right among the heavy hitters.  That is, until it was sold to a customer at an extremely discounted price than the $125 Greg put on it.  Clue #2 has to do with game day at Vino’s and Mexican Dominoes where my caboose got ridden….a lot.  I didn’t even get dinner out of the deal  🙁


So because I guessed the next place….HB5I received the next gift.  Yay me!


HB20Well, lookey lookey me!!!! LOVE!!!


Speaking of love….HB11I love these girls.  Unfortunately with the glare, the GV images are less than spectacular.  Our champagne was courtesy of Rockin’ Robin and Wally–so 2 bottles.  Wally and his lovely wife Dawn visit their home here often.  Huge thanks to all of them!


As the last clue said, we were going to end where we began.  Vino’s.HB9And Jen felt the need for speed.  Or something like that.  She did enjoy her horsey ride for a few moments, though.


Me, I found a new way to travel, otherwise known as my final birthday present.  (For the following Vino’s images, photo credit goes to Valerie Chelley of Vino’s On Duval)HB16Come to Mommy and party on!


HB14Greg, Donna, and Gary


HB17Michael, Greg, Donna, Gary, and Jen (she found time to get off the horse).


HB19Buzzy, Ringleader Eden, and Michael


HB15Susan, Tosh, and me.


HB12 Somebody (cough-Val) went hunting through my Facebook! This pic is 12 years old taken when I was going to graduate school. My class partner produced a cooking show and I was the star. But hey, it’s cake!


What a most wonderful birthday!  I have quite a set of friends!  Some of the memorable cards…

hb26 hb30And look at this!  “Sweet” in quotes??? You’d think I
had a potty mouth or something!  What the fuck!
(Card giver deleted to protect the guilty) 🙂


hb27 hb29And now this one wants to *slap* me!!! And another
identity I have to hide, especially since I know her secrets. Damn, I have a bunch of foul-mouthed,
*violent* bitches for friends!!!  The things you learn
when you become part of the AARP generation.  What a
bunch of Golden Girls *we’re* going to make!  🙂



At least I got a nice, normal card that violent swearing femmes don’t usually receive.

hb34 hb28


Do you know what I treasure most about this day?  It wasn’t the gifts (but of course I LOVE them!), it was the company.  It was my wonderful husband’s love for me that made it all possible.   Within this group of friends, some have known each other for a very long time, while some have met only a couple times.  It was nice watching those in the latter group really getting to know each other, because I adore my group of girlfriends–the ones who came out as well as those who could not.  As I watched them all interact, it was like an out-of-body experience.  I imagined what a fun reality show we would be.  No yelling or screaming or flipping tables–just fun.  Or maybe it was the alcohol that made me so creative 🙂

HB13Thank you so much, ladies.  I ♥ you (and you too, Kellee & Kimberley).  And Captain, My Captain–my love for you is absolutely endless. 🙂


Well, six days after my birthday is my Key West anniversary….Big Coppitt Key, to be exact.  It has been four years this past June 28 and what a wild ride it has been.  It’s that much more interesting when you write a local blog.  Sometimes I get recognized by nice tourists,  but once Greg got threatened by a local restauranteur who didn’t like my review.  While it was a less than stellar review, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it should’ve been.  Local restauranteur suggested Greg muzzle me or some such thing.  Yeah, that’ll happen 🙂    Despite a minor annoyance every now and then, life on The Rock is nothing short of amazing.   Liza says it best.

“Start by admitting from cradle to tomb isn’t that long a stay! Life is a Cabaret, old chum, only a Cabaret, old chum, and I love a Cabaret!”

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  1. hpeche says:

    Nice to see my password still works! Nice pictorial and article. So sorry we missed your birthday celebration! Looking forward to seeing you when you come back from vacation. Hugs, Fred

  2. Miss Prissy says:

    Hello Hugh! I’m sorry we missed you, too! We’ll get together again once everybody’s vacations are complete 🙂

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