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Published by Miss Prissy on June 26th, 2014 - in Prissy's Privilege
Sometimes in life, changes need to be made. Some good, some bad, some with little effect at all.
It’s no big shocker. I’ve said pretty much since our engagement that I cannot go back to the pace I

was at when I first started blogging in 2011.  I’ve made another change in the blog.  There are no more guest reviews….well, except The Handsome Captain™ but the man sleeps with me, after all.  And speaking of privileges 🙂   instead of “Guest Reviews”, this section is now called “Prissy’s Privilege”.  This is my section for pretty much anything I want that I’ve deemed doesn’t belong in my other categories.   Images uploaded just because, local current events, my dogs’ vet visits, my husband’s next geeky adventure/purchase, and living this life on my own terms with no apologies.


My friend Jeremy told me once “Yanno, I mainly just look at your pictures”.  I’m not offended at all by that….in fact, I dedicate this post to him.  Those gratuitous shots that may be Seinfeld in nature about absolutely nothing, to me mean absolutely everything.


And speaking of “geeky”PRIV1 For this past Christmas, one of Greg’s wishes was a weather station.  Really, it’s true. You can find out the weather at our place anytime by clicking here.  Yes, WeatherUnderground has replaced the airport as their default station with Greg’s.  The life of a geek  🙂


All that science escapes me.  As long as the weather is nice enough to join our friends outdoors, I’m happy.PRIV4On a day the guys were fishing a tournament, Mary & I had brunch at HTR and stopped in to see friends at Vino’s On Duval.  A part of the fun were Ray, Bill, Eden, Val (co-owner), Robin, and Buzzy.


Though honestly?PRIV2There’s fun to be had indoors, too.  Joined by Youngstown Ohioans Stephanie and Christine, we covered the 3 major hair colors as well as White House, Black Market.  430 Duval has both swank and substance….I’ve eaten there, just not managed to blog about it yet.


The Key West Artisan Market debuted in December 2013 on the grounds of The Restaurant Store. (Photo credit below to Sean Krikorian–thank you!)PRIV31 Touted as “for locals, by locals” it’s a wonderful venue for us to support each other.  Although a little off the main drag on Eaton Street, clearly both tourists and snowbirds were enjoying the market.  It was so successful that it will be back in November! Yay!  For more information, check out their Facebook page here.


Sean Krikorian caught us, too!PRIV30Always great fun at the market. (Photo credit to Sean Krikorian)


And sometimes we have to say goodbye.PRIV11It’s true.  Key West bid adieu to long-time local and wine writer, Steve Calderwood.  I won’t lie, it was a damned fine party and the limericks were nothing but hysterical.  Some were even a bit, shall I say, bawdy.  No matter, we live in Key West–we’re used to bawdy.   In all seriousness Steve, you’re a real pisser and I still don’t think Panama knows what it’s in for 🙂


One thing we couldn’t buy at the market was a new boat.  Yes, we decided that the “My Time” was a bit long in the tooth and no longer worthy of cash and work, soooooo….we had a new baby.  We named her “Wine-Oh!”PRIV13 And while we went a little beyond the due date, our girl is just absolutely perfect for what we do–sandbars




PRIV19Greg, Fred, and Kathy at Candy Island.



PRIV10Happy Birthday girls and book-ends, Lisa & Kimberley.  Bringing up the middle are Susan and I.


PRIV17Mule train, yeah yeah!  Greg moved a friend’s boat,  I moved our’s, easy peasy….kinda 🙂


PRIV18Happy Hour with the neighbors…


PRIV22And beautiful evenings with me and The Handsome Captain™ and wine & cheese


PRIV6And sometimes, I’m just modeling the newest line of life preservers.  See, orange really is the new black and I don’t have to go to prison.  Eeeek, what a thought.  I watched too many Linda Blair movies of the week growing up, which instilled the fear of going to womens’ prison.


PRIV25Greg didn’t go to prison, either.  He just *looks* like he murdered somebody–and this was the “post-docking the boat cleaned up version”.   Poor fishies 🙁


And sometimes we stay on land with a different kind of water.PRIV27What? Jesus turned water into wine, so this applies.  That’s my story.


PRIV28What can I say? These are just two of my faaaaaaaaaa-vorite thingsssssssss.


PRIV21There are favorite things and there are favorite people….when the two intertwine, well that’s just fabulous.  Longtime friends Mike & Ann from NJ own a home here in The Keys, visiting fairly often.  I’ve known Mike & Ann since I was a tourist from central New York.  We’re all New York Rangers’ fans…well, except Greg.  He doesn’t hate the NYR, he just doesn’t care.  There is just nothing like live professional hockey and I’ve been lucky to see a few games, just not at MSG 🙁     Anyway, check out Ann’s flip flops–NYR, of course.   This shot was taken during the Stanley Cup playoffs where it was all about the blue.


PRIV26Right down to the vino.  One of our favorites, Baby Blue from Blue Rock Vineyard.  We LOVE our wine club membership!


PRIV20Alas, all the blue in the world wasn’t going to help my New York Rangers.  Under the “Too Bad, So Sad” category–our team lost.  However, I did (and do) give major props to the L.A. Kings for the win.


PRIV9So why not drown my sorrows in wine?  “An Afternoon in Provence” was a lovely tasting with winemaker Bertrand Léon from Chateau D’Esclans.  It was all about the rosé, not that anybody would know from our empty glasses.


So for the first year ever, local author David Sloan organized Cow Key Channel Bridge Run.  Meant to both poke fun at serious runners up The Keys at the 7 Mile Bridge Run as well as raise money for Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Animal Farm, it was a huge success.PRIV7Me with co-worker Anisa, her baby Chicklet, and friend Patrick.


PRIV8Who said you can’t do a bridge run in heels?  Not me!  AND we didn’t spill the mimosas!!! (Photo credit to the insanely talented Nick Doll).


Well, that was more than enough exercise 🙂PRIV12It was The Handsome Captain’s™ birthday and no, I didn’t jump out of the cake.  It just looks like I could be naked.  Anyway, with the help of our friends, we pulled off a birthday celebration at Grand Vin. Oh, and a huge Thank You to Key West Cakes, my favorite!


So fast forwarding to the beginning of June, Ohio came in like a lioness.  No wonder, Hell Had No Fury Like 2014 Winter Scorned.

PRIV34This is our friend Randi from Lorain, OH.  She is the epitome of sass and soul, with a heart bigger than Alaska.  She and I met for martinis at La Te Da, then went on to enjoy lunch at Hogfish.


A few nights later, I picked her up at Angelina Guest House so we could have her over for dinner.PRIV14It’s a grainy shot, but I’ll take it.  We enjoyed a beautiful evening, complimented by Randi’s fantastic bottle of wine.  We love Randi as we adored her late husband Mike.  Mike was a stand-up wonderful man whom we had the pleasure of knowing.   Greg and I have the fondest memories spending July 4, 2011 together on the porch of Grand Vin; it would be the last time we’d see him.  Cheers to you, Mike–I promise we’ll help look out for your lovely wife.  We know you’re looking down on Randi and your amazing adult children.  🙂


And look who came back!PRIV15The next gust of the June Ohio explosion!  Steph and Christine are just the greatest, as well as Lori who was missed 🙁    Everything with the ladies is so effortless and these ballbreakers give as good as they get.  And Steph’s boyfriend Dan is a great partner to Greg’s silliness.   Prissy ♥♥ her Ohio ladies!  We enjoyed their last night on The Rock at Vino’s.


Speaking of Vino’s, every year they host a fundraiser for Key West Wildlife Center and we always attend.PRIV36This year’s wine tasting was “Different Styles of Veuve” and the bubbles were enjoyed by all.  Duh.  L-R: Greg, Moi, Bill, Eden, Tim, and….Somebody Else! 🙂


Sometimes you feel the need to drink…
PRIV33And sometimes you feel the need to beat. Vino’s co-owner Clayton was the lucky recipient of Greg’s beatdown while Bill looked on.


And lastly, the gratuitous doggy shots


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