Brunch at Hot Tin Roof: Wussies Need Not Apply!

Published by Miss Prissy on June 11th, 2014 - in Out & About
HTRBr0 In case anybody’s wondering, No….

I don’t work for the Marketing Department of Noble House Hotels & Resorts (the group that owns Ocean Key Resort, Little Palm Island, and a host of others).


I leave those duties up to the fabulous Carter Mallison, whom I met here for lunch last year.

I just enjoy every facet of this property so we dine here fairly often.  Lots of dinners, special occasions, some lunches (the girls and I will hit it again this summer), and as of this past January–brunch.  The freaking motherload, Big Kahuna of The Key West Sunday Local Scene–that is, on days we *don’t* go to the sandbar.  Some of us dress the part, some just roll out of bed–regardless, at the expense of wishing the weekend away, Sundays in The Keys are fab!


As I was saying, Hot Tin Roof rolled out brunch in January amidst happy, drunken people and those who love them.  At a $39 price tag, it’s not the cheapest brunch, but a Bloody Mary bar with ALL the fixin’s (bacon, blackened shrimp, spare ribs–to name a few) and unlimited mimosas means it’s one of the best deals on the island.  And locals, there’s a discount for you 🙂


So this past Sunday, a group of us celebrating friends Donna & Gary’s one year anniversary on the island (it’s a good a reason as any) descended upon Hot Tin Roof for our 12:30 res.  They were just about ready for us, though truthfully–nobody’s ever really ready for us.  Be that as it may, decisions needed to be made.


Kellee, Jennifer, and The Handsome Captain™ were plotting a bacon strategy.  This was serious.  Jennifer will dance around like our poodles to get her paws on that luscious mixture of fat, salt, and nitrates.  I think she could fight Greg for it and WIN!


Luckily for most of us (not the vegetarians), nobody needed to fight over bacon.  One of the Mikes went to the bar (he has friends in high places there) and voilà, we were surrounded by pig!HTRBr2Greg really isn’t putting bacon up Jen’s nose 🙂


HTRBr10And every Who down in Whoville, the tall and the small, was singing “Bacon, bacon, bacon for all!!!”




HTRBr3Except Eden.


HTRBr7And except Donna (our other vegetarian).  The nose plug was just prior to her head spinning around.


So now that everybody had their fix, it was time for a gratuitous happy shot.

HTRBr4Lots of toasting–lots of clapping–lots of fun.


And all the guests who wondered what the hell we were up to…. HTRBr38 HTRBr39


They also got a bird’s eye view of our friend Eddie.  We ALWAYS see Eddie at Hot Tin Roof!

HTRBr5They got his face.  We got his ass 🙂


HTRBr6Until he decided to strut past us.  I never said our friends weren’t crazy.   But man and woman cannot live on beefcake alone….even Eddie’s.


The first thing served at brunch is the chilled seafood, though more of it than was captured here 🙂  Key West Pink Shrimp, Oysters on the Half Shell, Chilled Mussels, and Ceviche.  I have said this before, but it bears repeating.  HTR’s ceviche is one of my favorites! Lots of lime and cilantro, minimal onion.  Yummm!!! Oh, and regarding the oysters?  Let’s just say the slurping was as intense as the bacon chomping.


Underneath the chilled seafood was the monkey bread and the bacon cinnamon roll.  Notice the one that’s cut.  Hint: it was the one with bacon!  Actually, this was just the one for our section.  We had three on the table.


A few of us started with salads.

HTRBr11This salad was one of Sunday’s specials: Arugula with goat cheese.  Yummmmmm!!!!


Captured here is the Tomato Mozzarella: ugly ripe tomato, buffalo mozzarella, aged balsamic, basil scented olive oil.  Or as we Italians call it–Caprese!

HTRBr22And we call this guy “Gary The Photobomber”.  Hey, it’s his party and he’ll bomb if he wants to.


Oh, also….and just so both you locals and visitors know….

HTRBr23There is a new law on the Prissy Books of The Florida Keys.  It’s called “No Mimosa Left Behind”.  Upon receipt of your new mimosa, you must pour the remainder of the old into the new glass, else you’ll be arrested by a redhead in heels.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.


Then it was The Litany of Eggs:

HTRBr18Eden’s Western Egg White Omelet.



HTRBr13Gary’s Key West Benedict: Pan-seared yellowtail snapper, toasted english muffin, poached egg, Key lime hollandaise.

And a little closer (not that we don’t love Gary, but…)




And the Short Rib Hash topped with 2 different egg preparations.

HTRBr19Braised short rib, yukon potatoes, bell peppers, onion, fried egg.  This is the way it’s normally prepared.


Except when Prissy brunches at HTR.HTRBr36That’ll be scrambled eggs, please?  🙂



Then there was the Chorizo Burrito.HTRBr15Chef’s very own house-made chorizo, pepper jack cheese, onions, peppers, potato, scrambled egg, avocado crema.  Delicious!!!!


Let’s not forget the desserty-type courses!

HTRBr37The photobomber cheese board, always a delicious choice!


The Captain desired the Bananas Foster Waffle featuring Flamingo Crossing Tahitian Vanilla ice cream (Thank you, Robin!).

HTRBr31 HTRBr32Mmmmmmmm, melty ice cream in waffley crevices!  Serenity now–can’t button your pants later.


We so needed a rest from gorging.  A perfect time for a visit from HTR’s General Manager Joseph Lyles.  Greg remembers Joseph from their days at Pier House about 24 years ago.  HTRBr30


It was also a good time for Greg Squared to plot their next move.

HTRBr21These two don’t just share a name.  They share a wine-infused brain and a most twisted sense-of-humor.  On a clear night, you can hear the name “Gregory!” exclaimed by me or Jen.


Speaking of Jen….I guess it’s a good thing we like each other, since we’re married to Greg Squared.



And there was enough love for Rockin’ Robin, too



And ohhhhhh, look at this!!!!

HTRBr27An early “Happy Birthday” dessert especially for Prissy!  How nice!


Also nice is the fabulous company I keep and how fortunate we are to live here.  Good people, fantastic food, and alcohol 🙂

HTRBr40Meet our friend Donna.  Yes, two Donnas….two Italian Donnas, both from New York.  One from the city, one from upstate.  Both with attitude, because this island needs both of us! Donna is married to Gary The Photobomber and we celebrated them.  Yay!


Jennifer and Donna were so drunk excited that they just couldn’t stop dancing.

HTRBr34 HTRBr33The other table of locals was amused.  Evidently these ladies have moves nobody’s ever seen.


It was the end of another fabulous brunch at Hot Tin Roof and this crew was fat, dumb, and happy.  Check out the menu and head over….if you can handle it.  🙂

HTRBr20  Salut!

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    All of this was very informative, but what I *really* want to know is, where’d you get that gorgeous dress?! 🙂

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