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Key West Food & Wine Festival Tix On Sale November 1!

Published by Miss Prissy on October 21st, 2013 - in Prissy's Privilege

Tickets.  On Sale.  11 Days From Today.  Buy immediately.  Why?  Because you don’t want to miss it.  You know you don’t.



Where can you do this?  Right here.  Where can you read more?  Right here.

You’re welcome.

Love, Gloss, and 40-Something No More: Prissy on AARP and The Summer of Fabulousity

Published by Miss Prissy on October 16th, 2013 - in Out & About
Well, hello everyone!  I realize I haven’t been around in blogger land a whole lot and I know I’m always saying I’m busy.  First wedding madness, then honeymoon (I swear, I really AM going to finish blogging the Napa & Sonoma wineries—esp since I promised sister redhead and good friend Pay-am that I would), then just wow!  What a wild ride these past nine months have been.No, I haven’t been pregnant (ugh, definitely not). 

Aside from pregnant, there is another thing I’m not…40-something.  That ship sailed amidst water, romance, great friends, disco balls, and CAKE.  I came into the AARP generation like a lioness and what a blast!  Seriously, I do apologize for being a neglectful blogger.  Though I know some of my readers and most of you don’t let any grass grow under your feet, either.  Besides, haven’t we all been watching every season of “Breaking Bad”?  I guess that was just us 🙂

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