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Published by Miss Prissy on April 23rd, 2013 - in Restaurant Reviews
LUP9 So we started hearing the local buzz about Lupita’s at 1500 Bertha since last fall.  The former B’s Cuban had new tenants in Saul Cifuentes and Norma Castaneda (he from Guatemala, she from Mexico).  We had not gotten around to checking it out until this past weekend.
Lupita’s was pretty full of locals for 2pm-ish on a Sunday afternoon and we were greeted by a lovely waitress who allowed us to choose our own seat.

Located a little too far from “the action” for the “All Duval All The Time” crowd, Lupita’s is the perfect place for locals and tourists who want to get away from the crazy…if only for a little while.  Though between a couple loud friends (just kidding, Ron & Cindy) and the rousing Mexican music, we just opted for a different kind of crazy.  🙂


In case you couldn’t clearly see some of Lupita’s offerings above…

LUP2As the window states, they are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…every day from 7am-9pm.



LUP1As is customary in Mexican restaurants, we were served tortilla chips with salsa.  As is not customary in many Mexican restaurants in the U.S–both were homemade and tasty.


LUPSince we had just left Vino’s, we weren’t going to have more wine…but it’s good to know that they serve ‘ritas! After all, Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner. Just in time for you to also enjoy Mexican beer.


LUP7The flag of Guatemala at table #15…the flag of co-owner Saul Cifuentes’ home country.

LUP8And the Mexican flag of Norma Castaneda adorns each table.


LUP3I ordered from the combo menu: two fish tacos, rice, homemade refried beans, and a salad.  Admittedly, since I had to order fried fish instead of grilled, I hoped it would’ve been gently fried…less breading and less time in the fryer.  I hate to say (really, I do) that I thought the fish tasted similar to what I used to get in my high school cafeteria and the rice was dry and needed spice.  I do realize when rice is made ahead of time for the masses, it does dry out quickly.



LUP6 (2)The Handsome Captain™ ordered from the combo menu as well: two Mexican style tacos with chicken quesadilla.  Greg gave me one of his quesadilla pieces and I have to say, we both enjoyed it.  He also liked the ground beef tacos.


Much too stuffed, we had to decline dessert…this time.  Despite our mixed reviews, we’ll go to Lupita’s again (I’ll order something else).  While our favorite Mexican remains Chico’s Cantina on Stock Island, we would patronize Lupita’s if we didn’t want to leave Key West proper.  It’s certainly heads and shoulders above Salsa Loca and it’s pretty close to my work.  While not a fancy place (totally fine by me!), prices are reasonable and the fare is simple and filling.  I do understand why it’s a locals’ favorite and we wish Lupita’s!

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