Articles for September, 2012

“And They Are Married”

Published by Miss Prissy on September 24th, 2012 - in Out & About

So we started September 2 unlike any other Sunday.  I received word that due to an unexpected check-out at Tropical Inn, we could get Gecko’s Garden for our wedding night.  We were already booked for the Banyan Tree Suite, but Gecko’s Garden had more room *and* the private lagoon spa.  We jumped on it tout suite!  We did an early brunch at Martin’s sans champagne (which we NEVER do…but wasn’t going to start super early that day) and an early check-in at Tropical Inn. (Note: the image below is from Tropical Inn’s Facebook page.  I will post a separate review of Tropical Inn within a few weeks…possibly sooner).

Let’s Get This Party Started: The Pre-Wedding Festivities

Published by Miss Prissy on September 20th, 2012 - in Out & About

So folks started streaming in the Tuesday before the Sunday, Sept 2 wedding.  Greg’s mother came in from central Jersey to help and she was a calming influence.  We had so much to do and I was having the month from Hell at work with a new software package…oh, and I needed (not “wanted”, needed) another car so we bought that in August, too.

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