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Published by Miss Prissy on May 1st, 2012 - in Restaurant Reviews
So a week ago last Saturday, the 7 Mile Bridge Run was canceled due to lightening.  Friends T & M came in again this year from Lake Worth but alas, T could not run…so we decided to enjoy wine on Saturday.

Come Sunday, they invited us to breakfast and it needed to be a place good enough for a very special member of the T & M family: Pepe’s Café.



Meet Morgan, the very special family member!

Not every place in Key West accepts these characters lovingly (many don’t at all), but Pepe’s certainly does!  The Handsome Captain™ and I remember this guy when he was just a little bundle of fur.  Now he is close to 65 lbs!  Anyway, he has been parented very well and is the consummate gentleman (though an outrageous flirt).  🙂



Like so many times, there was a wait at Pepe’s.  Although most of the snowbirds have left, there was another event in addition to the 7 Mile Bridge Run: The World Sailfish Championship.  Key West was definitely busy.



So 30 minutes later, The Handsome Captain™ and I were seated with T, M, and the ever-so-adorable Morgan.

They’re actually pretty adorable, too.  We love us some T & M!



So yea, Pepe’s has been around for over 100 years.  Sure lots of folks already know that…but others don’t so it’s worth mentioning.

Something else worth mentioning?  Pepe’s does a fabulous bellini 🙂


Amidst watching Morgan work his magic on the ladies and the laughs we shared with our human friends, brunch arrived.

M got the French Toast with fruit, which he enjoyed immensely.



T ordered the Traditional Eggs Benedict (those runny egg things I wish I could like) and she enjoyed her’s while CaptBonez looked on and drooled.


However, Greg had his own eggs to think about…over hard with bacon.

His only complaint was that there wasn’t more bacon @@.



For me,

I chose the “Build-Your-Own Omelet”: Swiss cheese, fresh mushrooms, and fresh spinach with the homemade bread of the day: Cranberry Nut!   Super yummy!


Neither Greg nor I have been here in years and honestly, I don’t know why.  The breakfasts are wonderful, the venue is rustically-charming, the vibe is relaxing, and the prices don’t break the bank.  It felt amazing to have the sun shine upon my face after the brutal storm of the prior day and enjoy a fabulous brunch with good friends.  The company could not be beat.  Thank you, T & M and The Flirtatious One.  It was a pleasure, as always.  🙂


For more information on Pepe’s Café, click here and here.


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5 Responses

  1. Miss Prissy says:

    Priss wants to hear from you! What is your favorite homemade bread at Pepe’s?

  2. TraceyG says:

    T&M is nice . . . but T&A is even better! 😉

  3. Miss Prissy says:

    Oh Magnanimous One, do not think I wasn’t aware of that acronym when I was posting, as well as S&M. Somebody had to say it, LOL 🙂

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