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Little Palm Island: Girls’ Brunch

Published by Miss Prissy on February 27th, 2012 - in Restaurant Reviews
Something magical happens when you combine the holy grail, Shangri-La, and women. 


I can use every adjective ever known or create a new one, but the result remains the same.


Girls’ brunch goes down in the record book under “Prissy’s 10 Best Days Ever”. (Photo courtesy of Valerie)

Sparky’s Landing, Key Colony Beach

Published by Miss Prissy on February 20th, 2012 - in Restaurant Reviews
So last Saturday, I said to The Handsome Captain™ “Why don’t we take a ride to KCB (Key Colony Beach)?”, to which he said “Do you know how crowded KCB is?” 


He left the decision up to me while I secretly hoped it wouldn’t be “beyond belief crowded”.

A & B Lobster House Redux

Published by Miss Prissy on February 15th, 2012 - in Restaurant Reviews
Okay, I understand that some of you think I’m “cheating”.  Yes, I’ve reviewed A & B Lobster House before.  However, that was “pre-blog” in a forum where I didn’t post pictures. 


Let’s face it, everybody’s not a visual person.  Besides, who doesn’t love food porn?

Day 4: Key West Food & Wine Festival

Published by Miss Prissy on February 12th, 2012 - in Out & About
Day 4 of the Key West Food & Wine Festival brings us Seafood Shakedown and Outdoor Wine Market at The Restaurant Store.  I prefer to call it the day our livers start to regenerate.


That is not to say we still weren’t going to sip.

However, the pace wasn’t as fast nor were the samples as numerous.


Day 3: Key West Food & Wine Festival 2012, Duval Uncorked Recap

Published by Miss Prissy on February 5th, 2012 - in Out & About

The line started at Southernmost Beach Café to pick up glasses and start the wine marathon.

You can’t tell quite so much by this image, but the line was L O N G…unless you had VIP passes! Yay, us!   We had to part ways with Claudia and Alden as she needed to dot an “i” and cross a “t” for her “Florida Travel+Life” article.  We understood and continued on with TraceyG & The A-Man™ for an afternoon of sipping and noshing.

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