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Prissy & Bonez’s Weekend Picks: Dec 29

Published by Miss Prissy on December 29th, 2011 - in Out & About
Sorry folks, you are stuck with us this week.   Penn and Kyla really hate New Year’s Eve, plus they are too busy chewing on the nylabones that Santa brought. 


However, The Handsome Captain™ and I are only too happy to let you know some of the things going on this weekend.  Yes, I know…anybody who has even remotely heard of Key West knows what we’re about this weekend.

So humor us a little…


A Very Prissy Christmas:Pt 1

Published by Miss Prissy on December 28th, 2011 - in Out & About
So The Handsome Captain™ and I did our annual “tree thing”. 


What I mean is that we drive to the MARC Plant Store at 1401 Seminary and buy ourselves a real tree.

Prissy’s Getting Married!

Published by Miss Prissy on December 26th, 2011 - in Out & About
It is my extreme pleasure to announce that The Handsome Captain™ proposed to me last night at Pisces.  Greg had this planned for months; all the staff played a part and did so wonderfully. Actually, many in Key West have known for a while…how a small city kept this big secret is beyond me.  Though there were people who avoided us just so they wouldn’t spill…for that, I’m appreciative! 


This man, along with our dogs, is the absolute joy of my life…my best friend…and my soul mate.  Priss couldn’t be happier.


That’s all for now.  Enjoy your day, everyone.  Be happy 🙂     We are!

Happy Holidays!

Published by Miss Prissy on December 24th, 2011 - in Out & About
Bonez, Penn, Kyla, and I hope you all have the most wonderful holiday ever. 


No matter what you celebrate this season, we hope it’s joyous!  Greg and I will be dining at Pisces Christmas evening as it has become a tradition.

Lush at The Green Pineapple

Published by Miss Prissy on December 23rd, 2011 - in Out & About
So there’s a new place in town…well, actually three places in one space.  The Green Pineapple at 1130 Duval Street is a funky marketplace with recycled and organic products.
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