Characters, Cars, Canines, and Carbs: A Pictorial

Published by Miss Prissy on November 27th, 2011 - in Out & About
Some of the greatest things about living on this crazy island are the amazing characters.  Specifically, I love living in an area where I can see Mr. James Chapman all over town.  He’s a conch, though what generation I have no idea.  I do know that his grandfather bought the family homestead at 221 Petronia in 1872 for $350. 


There is more than one lighted disco bike at the family home;  Mr. Chapman has been teaching the art of making folks happy to his grandson.  And makes folks happy, he does.


Locals, tourists, whatever…peoples’ faces light up up when they hear “Super Freak”, assorted oldies, and tunes by Earth Wind & Fire.

People define Key West in all sorts of ways.  In my opinion, Mr. Chapman makes the Top 10 of “What Is Key West”.  Thank you, James Chapman, for bringing  joy to us all.


Key West is indeed full of characters, some great, some not-so-great.  However, in the category of ones who make you smile are The Muriels, formerly known as The Waterlosers.

On the right is KP  joining in on the fun.  KP is a character all his very own, as well as Mr. Pridefest 2011.



You know, a whole lot of fun people walk into Vino’s on Duval.  This night was no different.

This super-cute group originated to perform at a friend’s 50th birthday with a 70’s theme.  The decided upon “Waterloo”, inspired by the uber-fabulous flick “Muriel’s Wedding”. 


One member started volunteering them for various charitable events throughout the island and damned if they didn’t catch on.  How could they not?  Look at them!


Past appearances included: Pridefest 2011, La Te Da for a fundraiser, 2011 Fantasy Fest Campaign Kick-Off, Rebecca-For-Kingette fundraiser at Aqua Lounge, and the Fantasy Fest King & Queen Coronation.

The Muriels are fun to watch, especially when they’re walking down the streets of Key West.  In addition, they perform for charity.  Prissy thinks that absolutely rocks 🙂  Look for them at Share The Wreath at La Te Da on December 8 at 6:30pm.  Share The Wreath is a benefit for AIDS Help.



As much as Greg enjoys the lively characters and personalities of our quirky home, there is also something else he enjoys…A LOT.  Sports cars.  Greg does the Bay Bottom Crawl out on Sugarloaf Key every single year.  Some of the cars Prissy liked…

Sweet, isn’t it?  However, one of us needs to have a car that will fit the pups and currently that is me.  Bottom line, I cannot have a 2-seater.  I will continue to have 2-door convertibles…no family cars.



Admittedly, before I decided upon my Saab, I lusted for the Mini Cooper in the worst way.

Let’s forget that I could’ve been driving my own coffin…they are super-cute, though not in yellow.



And then there was this one…

the Radical SECA Sports Racer.  I have never heard of this, but I’m not knowledgeable in the racing circuit.   Sports cars and races and all that it brings…these are a few of Greg’s favorite things.



One of my favorite things to do in the Keys when I’m alone is to just wander around, enjoying the obvious and not-so-obvious beauty of my surroundings.

Gotta love a shirtless cowboy…only thing missing was boots.


Alas, I decided against stopping for a mimosa, though I DO love La Te Da.  Instead, I hoofed it up to Southernmost Beach Cafe for a cup of coffee.

It was absolutely wonderful coffee and I enjoyed my corner of the Key West world.



As did they…

Sometimes I can get lost in oblivion, just staring at the water.  However, I needed to get moving.


And I went walkin’…

by Douglas House on 419 Amelia Street.  It’s a happy-looking, cute little place.



And speaking of happy-looking and cute (a shameless segue, I know)

Though frankly, I’m not sure how happy Kyla was.  She has to wear a life jacket because she’s not the most adept swimmer.  She’s sort of a “hopper”.



Penn is our little “fur fish”

And he so loves chasing the ball.  What a good boy!!!



But even puppy play dates have to end at some point and turn into date nights.   Our date nights always revolve around food, wine, or a mix of both.

On a recent trip to Cafe’ Marquesa, we indulged in mushroom-filled pasta purses in a fabulous broth.

We couldn’t shove these into our mouths quickly enough and when we did, they simply melted.  Fabulous.


Later in the evening, we indulged in

bread pudding.  Do you know how often I ate bread pudding in New York?  Maybe once/year…and that is a strong maybe.



The thing about bread pudding is that you can find almost as many restaurants that serve it here as you can Key Lime pie.

This gem was from Santiago’s Bodega and made from croissants.  The funny thing about our visits to Santiago’s is that they typically did not include dessert, despite that we always order dessert every place else.  I think the reason is that we always over-order at Santiago’s and there is just no more room.  However, last month, we made room…and happy we did, yummm!!!


Please take the time to savor life’s little treasures…they are so worth it.  Have a glorious day 🙂








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