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Meet the fabulous Clayton and his beautiful and equally fabulous wife Val, owners of “Vino’s on Duval”.

Prior to Vino’s opening in September 2010, Clayton wrote a most interesting blog about the trials and tribulations of opening a new business in the city of Key West.



After weeks of blog-following and walking by to check out the progress, Vino’s opened at 810 Duval Street…much to the delight of both locals and visitors.


The decor is a mix of classic, funky, and colorful…and I love it all.



Fantastic chandelier…I’d like to do this sort of thing when we build, except in a rectangular shape…







Vino’s is one of the few places that isn’t a restaurant, lavish hotel, or b&b where I’m impressed with the loo…This is not a “scratch & sniff”, but trust Priss when she tells you the cedar is a nice touch.




Vino’s offers anything you’d want in a wine bar and more. 


There is no other place in Key West I could imagine hosting Stiletto Night (


Stiletto Night is the last Wednesday of the month and lots of local ladies (and some tourists!) strut their stuff on the red carpet in fabulous stilettos (and sometimes a wedge thrown in for good measure).


I’ve met wonderful women at this fun event, from bartenders to retail employees to therapists to school teachers to assistant district attorneys to HTA employees to accountants.  It matters not what we do, we just bond over shoes.


This is not the event for your flip flops, baby!  (At least not to walk the red carpet…by all means, still come and drink!)






Vino’s porch overlooks Duval and it’s another relaxing piece of this wonderful venue

In addition, there are cook-offs, pairings (food and wine, in addition to the other kind of “pairing”), and fundraisers.  Clayton and Val are VERY philanthropic as Vino’s hosts MANY fundraisers.   Just recently, I had the pleasure of attending the Eleuthera Hurricane Irene Relief Fund event, as did a few other folks we know… 





Can I tell you something else where Vino’s is superb?  Mimosa Sunday!  I know, I know…you can get tasty mimosas all over the island.  While that is true, Vino’s does it differently. 


Vino’s offers a “mimosa bar” and they are $5 each.  Usually, the choices of juice are the usual orange, but also guava, mango, pineapple.  Unlike some places, Vino’s doesn’t skimp on the champagne and over-pour the juice.  Vino’s champagne-to-juice ratio favors the champagne and there is enough juice to complement the champagne.


Dropped inside this bubbly wonder are strawberries and blueberries.   Delicious!  For those not into mimosas, there is also a $5 sangria special…and their sangria is way yummy, too!



As is Key West fashion, many times the patrons add an interesting flavor to an establishment…

I don’t know who the lovely Valerie is holding, but I do know the notorious Buzzy.  Buzzy is a bartender at Grand Vin and he loves to share opinions…on everything.  That’s why we love him 🙂


And isn’t this a motley crew…

From left to right, wine pourer extraordinaire Shaun, co-owner Clayton, and restauranteur Mark. 

Clayton didn’t have to do a whole lot of arm-twisting getting these two gentlemen characters to judge the last Stiletto Night.

Two straight men having to look at contestants’ bare legs in high heels…the ultimate sacrifice, indeed.


Sometimes, Vino’s even lets this character through it’s doors…Unbelievable, I know…




Then there is the très charmante Amélie, another wine pourer extraordinaire…but between us, she’s a little prettier than Shaun 🙂  Amélie is always pouring on Stiletto Nights, sometimes walking the red carpet, and sometimes winning!   Her personality is as beautiful as her exterior and it’s always a treat to see her.



At a time when some locals and tourists said “What, another wine bar?”, many others wildly anticipated it’s debut.  The very cool thing about Key West is that most bar owners and restauranteurs patronize each others’ establishments with no animosity or ill will.  I see competitors at “Vino’s on Duval” and I’ve seen Clayton and Val at other venues.  Truth be told, competition is good for an area as it makes everybody better and that’s good for the owners and good for us patrons.

Congratulations, Clayton and Val…you two are awesome people whom we are proud to call friends.  We wish you continued success, but be warned…you’ll be seeing a lot more of us at Vino’s on Duval.  Salut!




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