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Bonez Does the KW Marlin Tournament

Published by Miss Prissy on July 28th, 2011 - in Out & About
So last week was the Key West Marlin Tournament and my baby has been fishing it since 2000.  However, it has been a part of Key West since 1982, to coincide with Ernest Hemingway Days. 


My boss saw the shirt and with a smile, said “Oh, how nice! You’re going to be fishing?”  If I was drinking something, I probably would have choked on it.  I laughed and said “Oh gawd, no!”  Prissy does her best at supporting Greg and the team OFF the boat.  If the waves are rough like they’ve been other years, nobody wants to see me curled in a fetal position crying “I want to die”.  Nobody.

“My Time” Returns!

Published by Miss Prissy on July 25th, 2011 - in Out & About
It was with great pleasure (and copious amounts of wine) that CaptBonez and Miss Prissy, along with friends FLKeysGirl and FLKeysGuy, attended the recommissioning of ‘My Time’.  As many of you know, this “one month” project lasted almost three.  Add to it all that time when there was absolutely no rain and the day the last coat of paint needed to be applied, it came down with just enough force to be an annoyance.

Overboard Bar & Grill

Published by Miss Prissy on July 24th, 2011 - in Restaurant Reviews
So in early May, Greg and I were walking to our reservation at Fin and we saw activity at this area formerly known as the short-lived Bilmar Station and prior to that, Crabby Dick’s.  We saw ladders and a building permit on the door.  A month later, I met a young man who was going to interview for the new location and learned it would be called Overboard Bar & Grill ( 


Now that it has been open a couple of weeks, my handsome Captain and I thought it time to try it.  Considering the water was a bit rough to go to the sandbar, we said “why not today?”.

Blackfin Bistro

Published by Miss Prissy on July 23rd, 2011 - in Restaurant Reviews
Otherwise known as “Yayyyy, there are some New York Italians on this island!”  (I left an area where there were more Italians than you could shake a stick at).  While I do see some Italian last names and I know there is a local “Sons of Italy”, Italians just aren’t in the majority here, which is fine.  It’s just that sometimes, an Italiana just wants to see/hear something familiar.

Prissy & Bonez Leave The Rock

Published by Miss Prissy on July 19th, 2011 - in Out & About

For those who don’t know, “The Rock” is another term for Key West.  Anyway, CaptBonez said on a Thursday “It’s going to be raining this weekend, let’s leave for Naples tomorrow after work”.  Admittedly, Prissy did not see the correlation, nor could the handsome CaptBonez see her raised eyebrows over the cell phone.  His reasoning was that I needed some new clothes and if we waited until the weather was nice, we would be taking away from valuable boating time.  You see, our one month boat “plastic surgery” turned into three, which did not a Happy Priss make.  However, Greg had a point…we were in the homestretch and damn it, we lost so much time already, so…yes, we’d go to Naples after work.

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