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Published by Miss Prissy on June 12th, 2011 - in Guest Reviews

Welcome to my first guest review! My intent for this section is to choose people whom I respect as fellow gourmets-in-training or “foodies”, even if our opinions don’t always coincide.  Please allow me to introduce our friend Doug (also known as YBBHomeless on TripAdvisor) to PrissyInParadise.  Doug has been enjoying and reviewing many of Key West’s finest restaurants since 1998 and has recorded them via his Key West Culinary Tours on TripAdvisor.  He certainly has a passion for food and I swear, he has made a deal with the devil because he never gains weight! Prissy wants Doug’s secret. :)


“There are many factors to consider when rating a restaurant; the quality of the food, the presentation, the attentiveness and friendliness of the service, the decor, the ambiance, the view and for me how well does it achieve its objective The last one allows Guy Fieri’s diners, drive ins and dives to rank right alongside the restaurants offering fine dining. That is important to me, for I love them all if they are good at what they do. For if I were to rank restaurants based only according to the quality of the cuisine, I would come up with one list. And if I were to rank restaurants as favorites based on how frequently I chose to eat there, I would come up with a different list.

My lists are some weird compromise between the two. It is not so hard for me to know which restaurants I want on the list, but deciding what position can be a struggle. Ultimately though, I feel it is enough they made the lists in whatever position. After all, they are ALL favorites.


But I have found one restaurant that would rank near the top of my list no matter what the criteria, whether I was ranking them based on the quality of food or rather by the frequency of my visits, whether I was ranking my favorite spots to breakfast, to lunch or to dine, and that restaurant is Louie’s. It has been a favorite lunch time spot to me for several years. I love to enjoy a leisurely lunch there overlooking the ocean as our last stop before leaving Key West. It is a memory I want to linger on that long trip home.


This trip was our first time to enjoy the delights of the Upper Deck though, and I know it will be our most frequent stop for dinner on future trips. It was also our first time to have the Weekend Brunch at Louie’s and now that event will definitely be a must-do on all future visits to Key West.


I am sure the happy countenance on our faces showed the staff that we were anticipating a wonderful meal and were return customers, but we have actually had a different host or hostess and a different waiter or waitress on every visit, and have never experienced anything other than a very welcoming staff and stellar service.


On this visit we informed the smiling hostess of our reservation, and she said that she remembered it and how we had requested an inside table to escape the heat as long as possible before attending the minimal regatta following our meal. She said we could pick any table we would like and an equally friendly waitress followed us to our table and asked if she could get us anything to drink. I ordered a mojito. We enjoyed a magnificent view of the ocean and perused the enticing menu. Soon a delicious, dense, chewy bread was brought to the table, along with tropical muffins and high quality butter (my guess would be Kerry Gold.) And our waitress asked if we were ready to order.


Seeing Maine Lobster and Duck Eggs Benedict with Bacon Hollandaise on the menu, made my selection child’s play. I mean how many of my favorite things can you combine in one dish? My lovely wife, Ruth, ordered the Housemade Pate and Cheese Plate.

Housemade pate and cheese plate


And we also ordered another our favorite things: Crab Cakes with a Lime Tabasco Aioli to share.   One look at the pictures will convey how wonderful the food was better than any words I can utter. I will just say that the crab cakes were loaded with crab and the aioli was delicious, that I have eaten eggs benedict all over Key West and this is my new favorite benedict.

Crab cakes with a Lime Tabasco Aioli

Maine Lobster and Duck Eggs Benedict w/Bacon Hollandaise


Ruth enjoyed her housemade pate and cheese plate, but she had enjoyed the bread, muffins and butter a little too much previously to be able to finish it. So she asked if she could have the remainder packaged up for her. The waitress was happy to oblige and asked if we would also like the remaining bread and muffins also. We said that would be lovely and she returned bearing gifts.

leftover goodies



She not only wrapped up the remainders of the cheese plate and bread basket but included an entire new bread and muffin basket as well, saying buy yourselves a bottle of wine and you are all set for a picnic.


Our carry-out gifts



And this is Weekend Brunch at Louie’s, a lingering memory of Key West I carried home with me until I can return ‘home’ to Key West again.”





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  1. Pamski says:

    Thanks Doug! I enjoyed your review and the pictures. The brunch sound amazing.

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