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Published by Miss Prissy on May 28th, 2011 - in Restaurant Reviews

I truly cannot believe it has taken us so long to check out Flaming Buoy!  Seriously, we have heard mostly good things about this lovely little establishment and shame on us for not getting there until tonight.

Earlier today, I talked to an out-of-town friend to make plans for a meet-up at Grand Vin.  Thinking out loud, I told Doug that prior to our arrival at Grand Vin, we’d be dining at Flaming Buoy.  He then said “Well WE’RE going to Flaming Buoy so why don’t we eat together!”  Splendid!  Only difference is that Doug and Ruth have eaten there prior, we had not.

The handsome Greg and I arrived before Doug and Ruth…we quickly learned we needed a reservation and neither Doug nor I made one.  How silly can we be, this is a small place and it IS a holiday weekend.  One of the fabulous owners told us it was going to be an hour & 15 minutes and we just didn’t want to wait that long.  However, we couldn’t make up a Plan B until Doug & Ruth arrived.  Within that time, cute little co-owner came back to us to show us two tables pushed together outdoors.  He said they were 20 minutes late for the reservation and would we like the table…absofrigginlutely!

Doug and Ruth arrived by bicycle shortly thereafter and they were so hot, poor things! However, it was nothing some wine and bellinis couldn’t cure.  Come to think of it, there aren’t many things wine and bellinis can’t cure, but I digress.

Doug wanted to tackle just about the whole menu, as he always does, bless him that he can eat like he does and not show it.  A mutual friend of our’s, Steve, told Doug to get the black bean soup.  He did and wasn’t disappointed.  In addition, he also ordered the appetizer trio (lobster mac & cheese, tuna & watermelon ceviche, & grilled marinated shrimp w/ spicy lime chutney).


They let us try whatever we wanted and let me tell you…that lobster mac&cheese is simply irresistible.  However, since I don’t eat a lot of carbs, I won’t be ordering this unless it’s appetizer-sized.  Tant pis for me. 🙁  Some of the food didn’t get eaten in it’s entirety as Doug was busy chatting (which is just fine with us!) and Ruth was playfully scolding him, then egged on our wonderful server Ann to start chastising him, too.  A couple times when Ann passed us, she said “Stop talking and eat!” Gotta love a forceful chick ;D


Greg and I also got the grilled, marinated Key West pink shrimp with spicy lime chutney.  Oh my, so good! That chutney was wonderful and the perfect “dipper” for those pinks! Yummy!!!



Now, dinner.  Doug made a selection, but when Greg ordered the bacon-wrapped scallops with maple syrup mashed sweet potatoes, Doug decided to get those, instead!  Neither was disappointed. Look at how fat those suckers are!  Those are some huge scallops…and tasty, too.  Neither guy is a sweet potato fan, but I thought they were delish.


Then, my dinner came.  Prissy was tres excited about this dish as she does love spice.

It was the tropical curry with bananas & pineapple over brown rice with Key West pink shrimp.  First bite…yowza, that’s a lot of curry and it’s bitter.  Okay, I’m doing something wrong here, let me try again.  Second bite, no, that’s not any better…here, let me put some pineapple on top of the shrimp, that will sweeten it up.  Third bite, no, this isn’t doing it.

There was just too much curry in this dish for me.  I told Greg that I could not eat this dish and seriously, I haven’t sent a lot of food back to any restaurant kitchen.  Call it a fear of the Almighty Loogey or I just try to make the best of it, but if there’s any way possible, I keep my food with me.


Anyway, we did tell our lovely server Ann, who was happy to bring me something else.  I ordered what I came so very close to ordering initially (and also what Ruth ordered): the fresh swordfish with lime butter sauce.  The fish was fresh and very good; the lime sauce complemented it nicely.

I didn’t eat the corn-on-the-cob because that’s just one of those things I don’t like eating out.  The muffin with broccoli was okay as were the mashed potatoes.


It was time for dessert and I knew I wanted to try their dessert special…the spicy chocolate quesadilla.  Doug didn’t want dessert because he ate so much *prior* but Ruth and I sure did! We each got one to split with our respective partners.  They weren’t kidding it was spicy! I loved the combo of spicy and sweet and the Flamingo Crossing ice cream certainly tempers the heat.  Even so, I needed some water between bites! Greg even took a few bites, despite his non-affection for chocolate.  We couldn’t finish it, but it was fantastic.

A big surprise came when we got our bill.  Ann explained that she comped our desserts because I did not like my first entrée.  I was shocked!  We explained to her that she was not responsible for what was likely a bad choice on my part.  It was enough that we were not charged for the first entrée, we certainly did NOT expect free dessert! However, she would not hear our protests so we “paid” for our dessert the best way we knew how…in the tip.


I would recommend The Flaming Buoy Filet Company as they have tasty food at a decent price point.  We learned that new friends of our’s go there all the time and not just to eat.  They have a small bar and sometimes they just hang out; it is a quaint place that attracts many locals and tourists.  Their service went above and beyond expectations and we’ll return.

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