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Published by WayneConcepts on May 5th, 2011 - in about donna
Having lived in central New York my entire life and mostly hating it, I knew I needed a change.  The company for which I worked was in a state of the unknown and staff didn’t often know if the company would be around another month, much less another year.


Central NY is an area that has always been economically depressed, at least since I’ve been old enough to work.  Utica and the surrounding towns are depressing in a good economy.  Let there be a bad one and it’s just a horrible place to be.


Enough about the negatives, I left that life behind in June, 2010.


I decided to move to Paradise! Key West!  I loved it for years, had friends there, and felt it was a great place to start over.


Although I never geographically lived in NYC, I visit often and will always carry a piece of it in my heart.  I love the vibe, the rush, the arts, the culture, the restaurants, bars, people (I really do!), and…the fashion!


Contrary to a few people’s (mostly tourists) belief system, women can be stylish and feel very comfortable living and working in Key West.  “You’re only supposed to wear flip-flops in Key West”; “Women don’t dress up here”.  Do you know what I think about that? Pfffffffft!  With the exception of living a lawful life and following the rules of my employer and my charities, I’m pretty non-conforming.  Outside of those avenues, I wear what I want, when I want, and can’t think of anything more boring than acting and looking exactly like everyone else.  It’s stiletto heels for me, baby!


As much as I enjoy heels, I also enjoy eating, drinking, and “living out loud”.  My wonderful boyfriend fiancé husband (a 22-yr+ local) and I eat and drink out often.  We love everything from holes-in-the-wall to fine dining, with the exception of chains.  We abhor the whole “corporate, antiseptic” aura of restaurants that look the same, no matter what city they’re in.  We also hate the idea of frozen food shipped from Orlando (*cough* Orifice Garden, Red Slobster) all across the U.S.  No, thank you…I’ll pass.  For me, food isn’t just something to eat.  Food can define the demographics, culture, and economy of the area.  Food can define the chef and vice versa.  Food is art for the palate.  Think about how often we have slapped a chicken breast on the cutting board and said “What the Hell am I going to do with this?”  That plain chicken breast is the chef’s “canvas”; a good chef works his/her art on it, with the dining public as it’s grateful recipients.   These chefs cook for all kinds of establishments and diners don’t always have to spend a lot of money to have a wonderful, tasty experience.

I am very honest when it comes to how I feel about a restaurant, bar, or event.  These reviews are not “paid” and many of the local proprietors don’t know I’m making them.  If I love the establishment, I will say so…and if I don’t, I won’t sugar-coat it.  Please join me on my journey from restaurant to restaurant, bar to bar, and my extra-curriculars both in Key West and up the Keys.   I am a “life-lover” who lives for the next experience, so as the cliché says, “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry”.

High Heels,


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  1. cdlynch75 says:

    Have been enjoying your reviews on TA. I love all kinds of food however my hubby is very fussy so most of the places you write about I probably will never set foot in. We have been going to Key West for 4 years, this March for a whole month will be our 5th year in a row. Can hardly wait !! We still live in Central NY. Near Ithaca. Hate the winters but we have a beautiful grandaughter that we will miss being gone that long. Please keep up the wonderful reviews. I hope to convince my other half to branch out a little & try something different while we are down there in March. Cathy

  2. Miss Prissy says:

    Hi Cathy and welcome!
    Thank you for your kind words and say hello to central NY for me. One of my best friends has a lake house in Interlaken and it’s lovely. I really miss the Finger Lakes region.

    Change in anything can be hard for some. Surely there must be one item on a menu he will eat? Maybe take turns picking the restaurant? Good luck to you, March is right around the corner (kinda sorta)! 🙂

  3. cdlynch75 says:

    Interlaken ! We actually live in Trumansburg. Small towns all around the Finger Lakes ! Have a fave wine ? Maybe I could bring some along. I plan on bringing some for myself.

  4. Miss Prissy says:

    Wow, how very nice of you! One I have not had in a while is the Vidal Blanc Iced from Lucas Vineyards. I am happy to mail you a check beforehand. Maybe we could meet up one night at Grand Vin?

    P.S. My friend in Interlaken took us girls to Taughannock Farms Inn. It was superb!

  5. cdlynch75 says:

    Hi Mis Priss ! It’s getting closer to our vacation in KW & I can hardly contain myself ! I will go to Lucas & check on your wine. Happy to do it. I will be bringing my fave Finger Lakes Wine, Maroon Four from Penguin Bay. The Farms is indeed a spectacular place. What a history they have. The Sheridans do a great job there.

  6. Miss Prissy says:

    Hi Cathy,

    March is just around the corner. Try to keep warm until then! Thank you once again for picking up the bottle. We’ll see you soon 🙂

  7. Jerry says:

    Hello from south Louisiana Miss. Prissy!!
    Saw you were posting on the TripAdvisor web site and followed your link to your blog.
    We (4 couples) will be in Key West the first week of May and are looking at any & everything to see, eat, do, play…WHATEVER!
    I myself have been to the Keys but this was WAY back in the 70’s when I was just a kid…oops telling my age now! Most of the others have never been there and are SUPER excited to go enjoy….I have shared your blog with them to explore and see if anything jumps out at them to want to go and try.
    Right now…you have me craving Cuban food from HAVANA 1 restaurant you wrote about.
    Anyway we will continue to look through your info and hope to find some interesting of the beaten path places!

  8. Miss Prissy says:

    Hello Jerry! Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing it with your friends. I’m kinda craving Havana 1 myself right now, LOL. If there is anything I may provide for you, please ask.

  9. cdlynch75 says:

    I am finally in Key West !! Please don’t blame me for that awful weather yesterday although generally wherever we go on vacation, some sort of bad things follow. I have your Vidal Blanc. Where should I deliver it ?

  10. Miss Prissy says:

    Cathy, would you like to meet at one of the local wine bars this week? We are free any night but tonight and Thursday night.

    • cdlynch75 says:

      We have no set plans. Name the place & time.

      • Miss Prissy says:

        There is a SPCA fundraiser at Vino’s on Duval (810 Duval)that starts at 4pm on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I cannot get there that soon but I can come after work & be there sometime around 5:15. Greg will probably be a few minutes behind me. Here is the detail on the fundraiser:
        “Meet Brian Morey of Morevino Wines! He will be pouring Zivo Pinot Noir and Schug Caneros Chardonnay to let you decide which one you would like to buy by the glass. A portion of the wine by the glass sales from these two fantastic wines will go to the SPCA. Come on in for a pre happy hour and drink wine to help out the SPCA.”

        How does that sound?

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